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Cookware Guide

Frying pans, stock pots, Dutch ovens and more, everything you need to
create a culinary masterpiece is right here. Whether you are a gourmet chef
or just starting out, we have the pots, pans and gadgets you need for any
kitchen task, whether it is a grilled cheese or a four-course meal.

Must-Have Essentials:



Saucepans tend be heavier in weight,
with a flat bottom. A saucepan is ideal when you are cooking with liquid – boiling, simmering, and of course, making sauces. Choose one that comes with a lid, as many recipes call for the saucepan to be covered while your sauce or food cooks. A must-have pan for your kitchen.

stock pot


For chili, soup or cooking pasta, a stockpot is sure to be your go-to pot. Designed with taller sides, a stockpot is a great choice when you are cooking with a large amount of liquid. Stockpots are generally made from stainless steel or aluminum. You can also find some that come with a strainer insert that makes cooking pasta or steaming vegetables effortless.

saute pan

Sauté Pan

A sauté pan is designed with a flat bottom, straight, high sides and a longer handle, that enable you to “shake” or toss what you are cooking without
spills. A sauté pan is great for fast cooking and browning. Choose a
non-stick version for the best
browning of your food.

dutch oven


The versatile Dutch oven, allows you to move whatever you are cooking from stovetop to oven without switching pans. A Dutch oven is a large, heavier pot with side handles and a tight-fitting lid. Some Dutch ovens are constructed from cast iron. Think comfort foods when you use a Dutch oven – roasts, casseroles, stews and more.

grill pan

Grill Pan

Bring the outdoors in with a grill pan. A grill pan is designed with ridges on the bottom to mimic the grates on a grill. Low sides allow for more air circulation. The grill pan is perfect for cooking meats and vegetables or any
other grill-friendly food.

frying pan

Frying Pan

If you only have one pan in your kitchen, a frying pan is the one to choose. This flat-bottomed pan comes in both non-stick and regular surfaces so you can choose what’s best for you. Whether you are whipping up some eggs or a cheesesteak, the frying pan is an essential for any kitchen.



A flat-bottomed pan used for quick-cooking techniques. Similar in shape and use to a frying pan. A skillet is also an essential pan for your kitchen. Think about adding a few skillets with different diameters, from small to large, so
you have the perfect size pan for
whatever you are cooking.

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