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Students need supplies. Teachers need help.

We need you.

Your dollar can make a BIG difference!

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Your donation helps students in your community*
get the school supplies they need to succeed.

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*A portion of donations collected will be donated to a teacher's school classroom within each retail store location's respective community, up to $600 per location. The remaining donations collected will be used to fund school supplies for classrooms nationwide and will further's mission.


"Last year, my classroom ran out of funding for the last two months of class, so it was up to me to purchase materials. If I didn't get funding from, I would be spending my own money to bring those things in myself."
Jaclyn Cairncross, Teacher,
Minneapolis, MN

"I buy a lot of supplies for my classroom, especially as a first-year teacher. Coming into the room, I had no idea that it really was empty and you have to supply pretty much everything on your own."
Chloe Cole, Teacher,
Dripping Springs, TX

" made it really easy for me to apply for funds, receive funds, and then use that money to create more lab experiences for students."
Anthony Dunahee, Teacher,
St. Paul MN

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