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baby apparel Guide

Shopping for a newborn can be fun and exciting! Think of all those cute baby clothes you can dress him or her in! Adorable girls’ dresses, sweet little pants suits, footie pajamas and more. But wait, before you go on a shopping spree for all those newborn clothes, we’ve put together a list of necessities that no parent of a newborn should be without! This guide will help you prepare and put together a functional wardrobe for your little one.

Shop Baby Clothes


Your layette collection will be your go-to, day-in-day-out necessities. Think baby basics, clothing that was designed to keep baby comfortable and make your life easier. Crafted from 100% cotton or other super soft materials, layette items are constructed with quick diaper changes in mind.

layette sets

Layette Sets

6-8 pieces

New babies need lots of clothes. That’s why layette sets – filled with multiple numbers of socks, shirts or bodysuits, or a complete head-to-toe outfit – always make a great gift! Sweetly wrapped layette collections include must-have essentials for your newest little bundle.



10-12 pieces

One-piece design with snaps for easy changes. These are invaluable for day or night.


Footies & Coveralls

6-10 pieces

To keep baby cozy and warm, one-piece footies are a wardrobe must-have. For sleep and play, footies cover from head to toe without bunching up or rubbing against the tender umbilical cord area. Baby coveralls, or one-piece baby outfits with attached feet, will simplify the first few weeks of dressing your newborn. Coveralls, which are heavier than footies and may come with an attached hood or a matching hat, make dressing and undressing much easier.


Swaddles/Wearable Blankets

3 pieces

Cotton or fleece, these sack-like sleepers keep baby snug and warm all night long.


6-8 pieces

One-piece design, some with feet built in. Make sure they are easy on and off.


Stock up on these baby essentials:



10-12 pair

Footwear for newborns is all about warmth. If your baby is not wearing a footed outfit, you’ll need lots of socks to wear with nightgowns and outfits for indoors. Look for an elastic cuff sock. You’ll also need some “no kick off” booties to keep your baby’s feet warm and cozy when you’re out and about.


Soft Bibs/Burp Cloths

16-20 pieces

Meal times are messy so you’ll need 8-10 cloth feeding bibs (include a few plastic-coated bibs too). You might select a few drool bibs, which are much smaller than feeding bibs and prevent dribble from sliding down on baby’s clothes. Burp cloths, which often come packaged with bibs, are indispensable and can be used as bib backups. The best burp cloths are big and thick and dry quickly.

Hats & Mittens

2-4 pieces

Newborns lose a lot of body heat through their heads, so you’ll need to keep them covered. You’ll need a soft, warm knitted cap that covers baby’s ears in winter, and a broad-brimmed hat in summer. To keep baby from scratching his or her face, you’ll need two pairs of soft cotton scratch mittens.


1 for the season

A one-piece pram or coat keeps baby dry and warm.


Whether you are wrapping a newborn or protecting an infant from the elements, a baby blanket should be durable, easy to clean and safe. When selecting a baby blanket, become familiar with the different types, since each has a specific function.

Baby Blanket

1-2 pieces

Plush, soft and fanciful, a baby blanket generally has many different textures, patterns, fabrics and appliques. The baby blanket may have colorful designs and animal shapes that keep a baby stimulated, and the thicker plush material keeps baby warm while napping or riding in the stroller.

Receiving Blanket

4-8 pieces

Parents often keep a stack of lightweight receiving blankets on hand to clean up drool and other baby messes in a hurry. The blanket, which acts as a buffer between baby and the outside world, also makes a handy burp cloth.


2-3 pieces

Swaddling blankets help provide comfort, calm and relaxation for baby by keeping him or her enveloped, often with fasteners to keep the blanket in place. Some blankets remain wrapped around the top half of the baby, while the bottom is undone for diaper changes.

Security Blanket

1 piece

This is a durable blanket that a child becomes attached to. Made of soft plush or fleece and often with a stuffed animal attached, a “blankie” will become a child’s constant companion.


Find the perfect baptism gown, suit or romper for your baby’s special day! Consider a three-piece pant suit or tuxedo set for a boy. Mark the occasion for a girl with a short organza dress or a long tulle gown, and a lace bonnet or stretchable elastic headband completes the ceremonial look. Top off baby’s little toes with the cutest lace-trimmed or embroidered shoes and socks that help create that picture-perfect look. Comfy christening rompers and jumpsuits are perfect for more informal occasions- or for baby to wear after the ceremony, while a christening bib will try to keep things pure on this monumental day.

baby girl essentials

Switching from simple one-piece infant clothing to baby girl outfits, opens up a whole new world of snaps, zippers, buttons and bows. As your baby grows, take her fashion to the next level.

Matching Sets

A complete pant, legging or skirt outfit ready to go. Makes it easy to get out of the house in a hurry.


When the day calls for fancy, you’ll be ready with a special frilly, ruffly or bow-trimmed outfit.


Slip-on mary janes and Velcro or elastic-strap sneakers are comfy and playable all year, while boots and sandals will get her in step for a change of seasons.


Can feature her favorite princess characters or animal friends, and be either flame resistant or flame retardant.

baby boy essentials

From simple one-piece infant clothing to baby boy sweatpants and jogger sets, there’s a whole new world of snaps, zippers, buttons and pullover shirts. As your newborn grows, take his style to the next level.

Matching Sets

A complete pants outfit - with sports or superhero themes - ready to go, with matching jacket, shirt or hoodie. Makes it easy to get out of the house in a hurry.


When the day calls for fancy, you’ll be ready with a special pant suit, with coordinating shirt and tie.


Moccasins, boat shoes and slip-on Velcro sneakers are comfy and playable all year, while workstyle boots will make him feel like a mini man.


Can feature car, sports or animal themes, and be either flame resistant or flame retardant.