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Contact Information

Contact the appropriate Accounts Payable associate for information regarding payment of invoices, checks, shortage deductions, new store discounts or any other accounts payable related issues.


Accounts Payable Department by Division Phone (609) 387-7800
   G, J, K   x72365
   C, F, X-Z   x72407
   P, S   x72142
   B, L   x72604
   A, D, V   x72589
   E, H, I, N, Q   x72791
   M, R, U   x72262
   O, T, W, All JAG companies   x72713
   Beauty/Cosmetic Vendors   x72266
Shortages (S deductions) Email
P2L Shortages (P2LSHRTG deductions) Email
New Store Discounts (NSD deductions) Email
Damages (R deductions) Email

Purchase Order Entry (POE)

The Purchase Order Entry Team (POE) will assist you with all changes needed on purchase orders.


Division Phone Email
   Men’s and Coats 609-234-5323
   Sportswear 609-234-5323
   Accessories and Shoes 609-234-8918
   Baby, Youth, and Home 609-234-8689
ASN Receiving Office Email
Paper Packing Slip Transmission Fax (609)239-0948
Appointment Scheduling Office Email East Coast:
West Coast:

    Fax East Coast Fax: (609) 386-2833
West Coast Fax:(609) 589-9483
EDI Department & BCF Gateway Phone (609) 387-7800 x3340
    Fax (609) 239-8269
FedEx Customer Service Phone 1(800) 463-3339
FedEx New Accounts Phone 1(800) 231-9219
FedEx Activation Desk Phone 1(866) 883-9290
FineLine Technologies, Inc. Phone 1(800) 500-8687
    US Support
    HK Support
Import Department Phone (609) 387-7800 x72192
Import Compliance Department Phone (609)387-7800 x72349
Ship to Mark For (aka “Print and Apply”) Email
Receiving Control Office Phone 609-387-7800 x73033
    Fax 609-239-8216 and 609-589-9708
Transportation Management System (TMS) Phone (609)387-7800 x72181 or x72182
Routing/Carrier Assignments Phone (609) 387-7800 x72181 or x72182
Routing & Linear & Volume Shipments Phone (609) 387-7800 x72181 or x72182
Vendor Relations Phone (609) 387-7800 x 73318