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Choosing a watch can be a difficult task because there are so many options, as well as endless features available. Whether you are looking for women’s or men’s watches, you will find a large selection right here at Burlington Coat Factory. Before choosing which watch is best for you, take a few minutes to think about what you need and how you will most likely be using it. We’ve put together some guidelines for the most popular types of watches. One is bound to be right for you!

Sports Watches – these are popular men’s and women’s watches that are designed to be durable under difficult or adventurous circumstances. They are rugged and are among the most durable models on the market. These watches are usually water resistant or even waterproof for deeper depths. Some are only water resistant up to 15 feet, which will keep it functioning under most normal circumstances. However, if you are an avid water enthusiast and plan to scuba dive or be in deeper water, higher depths are available.

Everyday Watches – these tend to be more casual and versatile. They look polished enough for work, but not so dressy that you couldn’t wear this type of watch for your day-to-day routine. Simple designs are best because they won’t go out of style quickly. These watches will be worn the most often and for the longest period of time. They should be easy to read and stylish, but the biggest decision still is what features you want it to have. If you want to use the watch strictly for telling time, quartz watches are the easiest and most reliable ones available.

Dress Watches – these are designed for formal occasions. Designer watches that are usually fairly thin and come in basic colors so that they look good with a dress or suit. They can be embellished with diamonds or rhinestones also and can be used as a stand-out accessory, as well as a timepiece.


No matter what type of watch you are looking for, at Burlington you can find the best selection at prices significantly lower than the department stores. Since price is often a deciding factor, having women’s and men’s watches at up to 60% off the department store prices will help you afford a better timepiece.